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December 15, 2021

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One of my most asked questions is: what are some of your twin baby must haves? We will cover our most essential items such as the bugaboo donkey, table for two, hatch and so much more!

The twin are turning 9 months soon so we really had a chance and an opportunity to use many of  the items.

We honestly couldn’t live without some of these products and I highly recommend them to family and friends.

Some of these items made taking care of newborn twins a lot easier. So let’s get into it shall we.

In this twin baby products must haves, we are covering the following topics. Feel free to navigate the post below:

Our Eight Twin Must Haves Products

1. Double Stroller: Bugaboo Donkey

I spent a lot of time researching this one when I was pregnant. I watched countless reviews and read number of different blog posts for the best baby stroller.

Originally we were going to go with the Uppa Baby Vista because it can be converted into a double stroller and that is exactly what we needed. But after looking into the product more, we found two main things we didn’t like:

  1. When converted into a double stroller, the seats do not support the same weight
  2. I was not able to see both babies at the same time

So I started researching for a side by side stroller and to be honest, there really wasn’t a lot of options on the market. My worry about a side by side stroller was getting it through doors.

After a little bit of research, we came across the Bugaboo Donkey and ultimately decided this was the best choice for our family. We absolutely love this stroller.

Side by side stroller

This stroller has so many amazing features. First being, it can be used as a Mano stroller (with one baby) and converted to a side by side stroller. I mean how cool is that.

The Bugaboo Donkey is roughly 3” wider than the Uppa Baby Vista when converted to a side by side. If you ask me that is pretty and in my opinion worth it.

Some other amazing features of the stroller are:

  • Great travel system – you are able to get a compatible car seats with it and use it with the car seats
  • Can be used with two bassinets which is perfect for when the babies are newborns
  • Perfect for a growing family – you are able to use the bassinet & toddler seat together, side by side.
  • Fully customizable – you can choose your sun canopy color and type depending on the season. Add footmuffs when it’s the winter and cooling liner when it’s the summer. The opportunities are endless with the bugaboo donkey.
  • The Bugaboo Donkey handling is amazing! It has a great suspension system with such an easy push.

Are there any negatives / things you don’t like about the Bugaboo Donkey stroller?

The one thing is price. It is definitely an investment but I can definitely say this stroller will definitely last us for years and more babies (if we are blessed with more).

2. Twin Z Pillow

Pretty sure this is every twin mom recommendation and it’s mine too!

We used this a lot when the babies were just born up until 3 months.

The Twin Z was used for feedings, especially feeding them together. This was a lifesaver especially when I was the only one taking care of them.

We used it for tummy time and lounging.

You can also use it for breastfeeding the babies. I personally didn’t use it for breastfeeding. Incase you are curious as to why, I explain it all in this post!

3. Table for Two

So this one is something I feel like a lot of people don’t really know about. I myself didn’t know about this until the twins were about 2 months old.

We got this for them when they were about 3 months old which explains why we used the twin z only until then.

I personally found it a lot easier to feed them in this seat because it was easier on my back and it gave me a place to rest my hand which made feeding the babies so convenient.

We still use this every day, multiple times a day.

It is also a great place for them to hang out and lounge although now they are learning how to get out of this seat.

If there was one item that I recommend which makes feeding twins easier it would be this. This has been our lifesaver starting at 3 months.

feeding twins at the same time, Twin Must Haves

4. Baby Swing

A necessity and an absolute must have! We just put our away because the twins out grew it but it was the best things for them!

We used it since the day we brought them from the hospital.

The twins would take naps in it, hang out in it, play with the mobile. It made those fussy periods so much more manageable especially with two babies.

We did have two of these swings, but remember every baby is different. If you are uncertain if your twins will like it, start with one and see how they like it. If they both like it then you can easily buy another one on Amazon.

5. Baby Brezza

This was and still is a lifesaver for us. I had milk supply issues and had to supplement with formula.

Making the twins bottle with a press of a button was a game changer. This machine makes the perfect warm bottle of formula in seconds.

There are many negative reviews about this machine not dispensing the correct amount of formula. We personally never had an issue. You have have to ensure you have the correct setting based on the formula you are using.

That being said, please use at your own discretion! Like I mentioned we absolutely love this. The twins have always gained the appropriate weight and we always made their bottles using this machine.

6. Bassinet / Playpen

With the bassinet, most recommend the halo twin bassinet. We actually got this first but then we ended up returning it and getting the snoos for the twins. You can read all about the Snoo and our experience here.

If you are looking something that will grow with the baby, I highly recommend this.

You are able to get so many uses out of it. The stardust can be used the following ways:

  • Bassinet – it has a newborn zip-in bed which can be used up to 19 lbs
  • Travel Cot – it folds in 1 second and so convenient for traveling
  • Playpen – can be used as a safe place for the baby to play. It can be used up to 33 lbs (usually up to 2 years)

Overall, this product can grow with the baby and can be used from newborn up to 2 years. You can get lots of different uses out of it and is definitely worth the investment.

bassinet for twins1 second unfold play pen

7. Twins Tracker

This was a huge help the first month. Keeping track of their feedings, diaper changes and naps is super helpful.

I found that actually writing it on a piece of paper with a little template was the easiest. There are apps available that can track these but then switching between babies can be a struggle.

Your pediatrician may also ask about their feedings, diaper changes during their first month check up and having these tracked is super helpful. It will make your life taking care of  newborn twins a little easier. Trust me.

I created a free downloadable and printable tracker for you. grab yours here!!

8. Sound Machine

This is a staple in our nursery. We use it for their naps and their night sleep.

The Hatch Sound Machine has many sound options and night light options. This was so convenient for night feeds when they were newborns.

The sound machine can be programmed to fit your nap schedules and bedtime. It’s an absolute must have.

We also highly recommend this portable sound machine for when you are on the road.

Nice to Have Twin Baby Products

1. Bouncers

We used these a lot when they were newborns. Now they hardly want to sit in them.

Do you need it? No. If you have to choose between a swing and a bouncer, I would go with the swing.

Although I must say the bouncers are extremely convenient. They can be easily moved around and folded compared to the swing which is stationary and also takes up a lot more space.

2. Baby Carrier

I will be honest, I never tried a twin baby carrier but I did use a single baby carrier and I just had my husband wear the other twin.

These are extremely convenient for being hands free and calming a baby when they are fussy (at least in our case).

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have to choose between twin z pillow and table for two, which one should I get?

I have both of these items. Personally I would go with the Table for Two. Reason for that is:

  1. We use this a lot more than the Twin Z Pillow.
  2. It makes feeding the twins simultaneously so much easier and more convenient.
  3. It is easier on your back and you have great support for holding the babies bottles.
  4. It’s very sturdy and a great place for them to lounge.

What do you really need two of?

Definitely the essentials such as two car seats, two cribs, two highchairs, two bassinets (if not using the twin halo). Things like baby swings and bouncers are not essential to have two off. Some babies may not even like to be in a bouncer or a swing.

My recommendation is first start with one and if you see both babies are really enjoying it and you feel like you need a second, then it your call to make.

For more twin essentials click here!

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    This is so so helpful! Appreciate all of your advise andn direction. Due in July 2023!

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