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Outdoor Sofa DIY
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DIY Outdoor Couch

Are you constantly checking outdoor furniture and wondering why is it so expensive?! I’ve seen outdoor couches ranging from $3,000 & up! I have been eyeing wooden outdoor furniture since last summer but the only thing that stopped me was the price tag. So this summer, we decided we will make our own set! A […]

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Formerly ThePrettyLittleHome

I’m Iryna.
Wife, Twin Mom & Runner! I am a busy mom chasing my twins around and in my free time, I love me some good target trips or some self care. Let's be friends!
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Drop Ceiling Tiles are very popular among older homes. Chances are you’re reading this because your house has them! Our house was built in 60s and when we bought it a little under 2 years ago, the entire basement was covered in them.   We were looking for an easy way to replace them with something […]

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Okay, yes you read the article title correctly! You can really transform your kitchen countertops for under $30 with this easy DIY. So, you may be asking how? I promise you it’s possible! It’s perfect if you are renting and cannot change the countertops or if you are like me and cannot stand your existing […]

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Enneagram 3, total coffee lover and probably at lululemon.

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Runner in free time! I share my experiences with twins to help empower other moms. Motherhood can be a difficult journey but we don't have to do it alone. Let's be friends.  

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