Do you have a child between 0-5 years old?

If you said yes, this sleep ebook is for you! Designed for children from birth to 5 years old to help you understand all their sleep needs, nap transitions and sample schedules! You won't need anything else.

Sure, You Could Wing It.

As a certified pediatric sleep consultant, I cannot stress the importance of appropriate age sleep needs. Following age appropriate wake windows, nap schedules and learning how to navigate short naps and nap transitions will. help you baby sleep SO MUCH BETTER! I can PROMISE you that! This ebook will help you understand everything you need to know about each age sleep requirement.  

So if you're anything like me, you need help to this sleep needs ebook to help ease the stress of newborn sleep, baby sleep and toddler sleep.

but let's be real.

Seeing Conflicting Schedules is Totally Confusing.

Sure, you can google 3 month old sleep schedule. I think you will get 30 different sample schedules to follow which makes it totally confusing. This ebook will help eliminate stress, confusing and will prep you for literally the next 5 years when it comes to your baby's sleep schedule. 

What are you waiting for? I promise you this will be the best money spent.


The Twin Mom Dairy Sleep Needs EBook

These sample schedules, sleep needs and nap transitions is exactly what I use with my twins! It is all in one place. Easy to follow and convenient to provide to grandparent or other caretakers. 

Yes, please


When we thrive our entire family thrives! Sleep is essential.

Sleep is so important in so many ways. We all need sleep in our life to thrive and when it comes to our babies, sleep is essential for their development!  

In this EBook:

You Will:

+ sample schedules from Birth to 5 Years Old

+ Understand how nap transitions work 

+ GAIN understanding about sleep needs

+ Learn about different wake times 

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Wake Windows, Sleep Schedules, Nap Transitions


Sleep nEEDS

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