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5 month old schedule, 5 month old sleep schedule, sleep schedule for 5 month old, 5 month old wake window, 5 month old feeding schedule
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5 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Are you currently holding your baby and looking for a 5-month-old sleep schedule? Here is everything you need to know about your 5-month-old baby including the 5-month-old schedule.  5 months is an exciting and can be a difficult period as you may have or are still experiencing the 4 month sleep regression. But no need […]

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sleep schedule for a newborn, how many hours do newborns sleep, baby sleep schedule

As a new parent, you quickly realize that one of the biggest challenges is getting your newborn to fall asleep and stay asleep. As a certified pediatric sleep consultant, I know just how important sleep is. According to the National Sleep Foundation, newborns require between 14 to 17 hours of sleep each day! Despite the […]

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4 month old sleep schedule, sleep schedule for 4 month old, 4 month old wake window, 4 month old feeding schedule

Are you currently holding your baby and looking for a 4-month-old sleep schedule? Here is everything you need to know about your 4-month-old baby including the 4-month-old schedule.  4 months is very exciting and can often be a difficult time for many parents as your baby’s sleep changes around this time. But no need to […]

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I am sure when you hear the term ‘sleep training’, lots of different topics come to mind.  Many often think it’s putting the baby to sleep, shutting the door and coming back after a certain time. The term sleep training has developed a lot of mixed feelings. My story I want to tell you my […]

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Believe it or not but the sleep environment has a lot to do with your baby’s sleep. Creating the optimal environment for your baby will help them take better naps, help with night sleep and can even aid early morning wakings. In this post we will cover the importance of each of these for the […]

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Short naps are one of the most common issues I see parents experience when it comes to their babies. In this post we will cover what actually defines a short nap, 4 common reasons for short naps and how you can start helping your little one nap longer starting today. What defines a short nap? […]

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