4 Sleep Tips to make Traveling Easy with a Baby

July 14, 2022

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Summer is right around the corner, which means you are most likely planning a trip somewhere even if it’s for 1 day. Traveling with babies and toddlers can be exhausting and you may feel like you need a vacation after your vacation. But one thing you can help with is your baby’s sleep!

Remember it won’t be as perfect as it is at home, the new environment can make sleep slightly difficult.

In this post we will be covering helpful tips when traveling with littles ones to help them get the optimal sleep while being away from home!

Replicate the Home Sleep Environment 

Slumber Pod

My top recommended product for sleep while traveling! So what is the slumber pod? SlumberPod’s bottomless design can be used over a standard playard, travel crib, mini-crib, and select toddler cots and inflatable mattresses. It’s essentially a tent that goes over your baby’s pack and plays to create the perfect sleep environment!

It creates a completely blackout sleep space for your little one which will make it easier for them to fall asleep and stay asleep while on the go.

The slumber pod is completely breathable, easy to assemble and has ventilation windows to allow increased airflow while still blocking the light.

If you have more than one baby, I would recommend each to have their own slumber pod. Feel free to use my coupon code “THEPRETTYLITTLEHOME20” for $20 off!

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Sound Machine

When traveling with babies, we want to mimic the sleep environment they have at home, this includes a sound machine and any other objects that your baby may love such as the pacifier or the blanket if they are older than 12 months!

White noise will help block any distractions and noise that could make it easier for them to be awakened to. The white noise should be at 65 decibels or lower.

A great way to measure this is by downloading the app on your phone called ‘Decibel X’. Place your sound machine where desired and then place your phone in the baby crib to measure the decibels. You can also make the sound slightly higher at first then decrease it slightly once the baby has fallen asleep.

Having a sound machine that does not turn off automatically is key! I highly recommend the Hatch!

Sleep Sack / Swaddle 

If your baby is sleeping in a sleep sack or being swaddled at home, bring it with you on your trip! You want to replicate your home sleep environment as close to your home sleep environment as possible!

Watch your Wake Windows 

I know while traveling, it may be difficult to plan your day around naps and that is completely understandable!

I would suggest keeping track of your baby’s wake windows and offer a nap in the stroller or in the car seat to prevent them from getting overtired. An overtired baby will have a much harder time falling asleep and staying asleep!

Your goal is to get your baby one solid nap a day in her ideal sleep environment!

Consistency and Routine

Remember to stay consistent with the routines you perform at home such as the bedtime routine. This will create consistency and predictability for your child.

If you have previous sleep trained, use that same form of sleep training for any night wakings or disruptions in sleep.

Allow some time for them to adjust to their new sleep environment! Don’t stress over rigid schedules but do try your best to follow your baby’s schedule as closely as you can. You may want to even introduce a slightly earlier bedtime as trips can be tiring. Especially for our little ones.

Don’t Stress & Enjoy!

Enjoy this time with your family! Don’t be upset if your baby is not taking the naps she requires. Just do your best to keep your baby rested.

Try not to introduce any new habits which may be hard to break once you come back home! A baby’s sleep routine usually returns back to normal within a few days!

I hope you have the best trip with your family!

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