C-Section Postpartum Must Haves

C-Section Postpartum Must Haves

April 13, 2021

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If you have been following me on Instagram, then you know my husband and I welcomed Twin Boys in March of 2021! They were born on their father’s birthday! The twins were both head down since week 32 and I was very hopeful for a natural birth. However, due to my elevated Blood Pressure I ended up having a C-Section. I did not go into natural labor and the doctors said it was too dangerous for an induction with twins (in my case).

I have done research on postpartum must haves regardless of which way they would arrive, so I was fully prepared! C-Sections are very common with twins so I knew the chance of me having a C-Section was very high. The items I am about to share were all purchased myself and are not sponsored. I truly believe these items helped speed up my recovery and I hope they will help you as well! I was fully functional two weeks PP with little to no pain. This was my first major surgery and to my surprise my recovery was very easy and I am forever grateful for that.

So let’s get into the TOP 8 items I recommend for a faster C-Section Recovery:

One: Belly Binder

I truly believe this Belly Binder was the number one reason for my faster recovery. It helped keep everything in place without putting pressure on my incision. It also helped shrink my uterus. One day I took the belly binder off for a couple of hours during the second week PP and after a few hours I had pain. I put it back on and it was gone! This  belly binder was worn 24/7 once I got home from the hospital. I purchased my usual size and got this extender to help me fit into it right after delivery.

Two: High Waisted Compression Underwear

These underwear are everything! Obviously when having a C-Section, you want to avoid underwear that fall below your belly button in order to avoid contact with the incision. These underwear are so comfortable and they offer compression which is a plus for a C-Section or Vaginal delivery! I always put my belly binder on first and then the underwear on top of the binder so it is easier to go to the bathroom without having to constantly take off the binder.

Three: High Waisted Compression Leggings

These leggings offer great compression when it comes to leggings. They are high waisted and really help keep everything in. Perfect for postpartum recovery regardless of which you delivered your baby.

Four. Always Discreet Underwear

I lived in these for the first week after my C-Section. I found them a lot more comfortable then the mesh underwear offered at the hospital because the pad would constantly move. The best part is they are disposable and you don’t have to worry about pads.

Five. Peri Bottle

Another item I used religiously especially the first week PP. Even with a C-Section, you still bleed a lot so this was very helpful to feel ‘clean’ after going to the bathroom.

Six. High Waisted Sweats

After delivery, you will have to go to a Pediatrician very shortly after giving birth. We went not even a week before the twins were born. I also had appointment with my OBGYN to check on my incision and healing so in the first two weeks I wore comfortable loose high waisted sweats. I actually used my maternity sweats and leggings and they were super comfortable. These are are a few of my favorites!

Seven: Button Down Dress PJs

I actually packed these in my Hospital Bag and wore them in the hospital. These pajamas are super comfortable, no pressure on the incision and nursing friendly! I got a couple of these and have been basically living in them at home since getting discharged from the hospital.

Eight: Gas & Stool Softener Pills

C-Section is a major abdominal surgery so gas and stool softener pills will help relieve any discomfort as a result of the surgery. I was given them at the hospital and when I came home I took Gas-X and these stool softener pills the first week. Then I sort of just forgot to take them but I no longer had any pain so I didn’t see the reason to continue taking them.

My doctor also prescribed an Ibuprofen which I believe was a little stronger than your typical over the counter medication. I took that for about week post my C-Section and once I was done with the prescription I didn’t need to take any other over the counter Ibuprofen. It is however best to have them on hand in case you experience any pain but do consult with your doctor if you have any additional questions.

I hope you found this useful and I hope these tips help you with a faster recovery!

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