Typical Day with 24 Month Old Twins: Routine & Schedule

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April 19, 2023

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It’s wild to think I have two year old twins (24 months to be exact)! Where did the time go?! Today I want to share with you a little glimpse of what our day looks like when I am watching the twins. 

We will chat about routine, what our schedule looks like and some of the questions you asked when I did a Q&A box on Instagram!

A day in the life with Twin Toddlers

24 Month Old Routine

I typically start my day with the twins anywhere between 6:30 and 7AM. The twins started potty training so the first thing we do now is take off our “sleep underwear” and go sit on the potty, brush our teeth and then get dressed for the day! 

The twins get their probiotic and milk. Our pediatrician actually recommended probiotic drops and after doing some research, we decided to start incorporating them as part of our daily routine to help keep their little bodies healthy and strong because if there’s anything harder then twins it’s twins being sick at the same time (you probably already know this). We give the twins these baby probiotic drops from BioGaia and really love them for a few reasons:

  1. This particular probiotic can be used from birth up to 36 months
  2. It contains Lactobacillus reuteri and vitamin D3 which help to the normal function of the immune system
  3. Milk Free and lactose free
  4. Recommended by pediatricians
  5. Clinically tested and have some of the best reviews

In case you may be wondering what is a probiotic and why is it important? A probiotic is essentially good bacteria in a form of a supplement and sometimes can be found in dairy products. Incorporating a probiotic has shown benefits for colic, constipation and diarrhea. Other benefits also include improved immune function and protection against infection.

I then start making their breakfast while they have some morning play time! Typically for breakfast I make them eggs, pancakes, cheese pancakes (their favorite and it’s a recipe my mom taught me), Greek yogurt with fruit, cereal and other things I probably can’t think of right now! 

We then typically take our morning walk. Now that the twins are potty trained (or at least still leaning), I try my best to get them to go on potty before we go out. For the most part they actually go because they love going out for their stroll. 

After our walk, we have some more play time, lunch and they now go for their nap at 1PM. They nap anywhere between 2-3 hours so it’s a nice little break for me! That’s usually when I like to fit my workout in. I recently got the peloton bike and love it.  It is so convenient!! 

Once the twins wake up, I offer a small meal and a little play time and we take our second walk (weather permitting of course). I like to get out of the house with them at least once a day. If it’s not strolling weather, we go somewhere inside. 

After our second walk, we come back just in time for dinner! The twins typically get a bath every other day and I offer the bath around 7PM and then it’s lights out at 7:45PM! 

After that I typically watch some trash TV like Love Island or Love is Blind haha! Can you relate?! But my favorite is definitely a good crime documentary!

So that’s typically what our day looks like with twins! On the days I am working and my family helps us by watching the twins, they pretty much follow the same routine and then I take them out for that second afternoon walk. 

Our 24 Month Old Schedule

6:30-7 AM Wake Up

Breakfast & Play

Out for a Stroll

~ 12 PM – Lunch

1 PM – Nap (anywhere between 2-3 hours)

Snack & Play Time

Out for a Second Walk

~ 6 PM – Dinner

7:45 PM – Bedtime

Q&A from Instagram

Do the twins get any screen time?

At the moment no. We did have screen time before but I noticed a difference in their behavior and sleep and I knew it was coming from the screen time. I decided to do a complete reset and eliminate screen time all together and it has been great! Better sleep, less tantrums, better appetite and overall better mood. Will we incorporate screens as they get older? Of course but definitely with limitations. I want to use a token system once they are a little older! 

Activities to do with Twins

We love our stoll rides! I really like to narrate what we see outside and they really love going out! Some other activities we like to do to keep the twins busy are: go to the park, coloring, playing downstairs to help break up the day, going in the backyard, cook with me (which can get very messy at times), help me with daily chores, play with their playcouch, read books, play with their magnetic times and a few others! I really like to do toy rotation as this helps their creative play and less clutter and mess for me!

 Do you still use sleep sacks?

We no longer use sleep sacks but we loved these for the longest time! You can use code ‘prettylittlehome’ for 15% off!

How to manage working and having twins?

I will be honest, I get help when I have to work my 9-5. But my tip would be have a routine and a schedule for your day. So you know when you have blocks in the day to get some work done. A consistent routine will help your twins also! This will allow them to know what is coming next in their day.

Does it get easier?

I will end the Q&A on this question! I get that question often and to be honest I think it gets easier in some parts but difficult in others. For instance when the twins were newborn, all they did was sleep. Now they are constantly running around, I have to constantly keep an eye on them to ensure they are not doing anything dangerous LOL! They want more independence and with that comes more frustration because their little brain are not capable of doing some of those skills yet. If you are a twin mom reading this, let us know in the comments when it got easier for you!

P.S. sometimes when I do have hard days, I look at this picture and it helps in so many ways!

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