Why I Returned my IKEA EKTORP Sectional

June 1, 2020

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A few months ago we decided to renovate our downstairs. We replaced our Drop Ceilings Tiles, painted the paneling, removed the old carpet and replaced it by this peel and stick vinyl floor. The entire space was coming together so nicely.

I could not wait to decorate it. I created a vision board to help visualize the space and see how it would come together. The slipcover look was really appealing, especially since you can wash the covers and change them down the line. I loved this sectional from Pottery Barn but not the pricetag, so I started researching.

That is when I came across the IKEA EKTORP Sectional. They look so similar, it’s hard to tell them apart.


The Ikea EKTORP Sectional I had purchased retails for $799 plus tax which includes the slipcovers. I love the fact that you can also purchase another set of slipcovers to interchange them or to replace the old slipcovers. So if something gets spilled on your your sectional, this makes it easy for cleaning and / or replacing.


I have to admit, I love the look of slipcovered couches/sectional and the EKTORP has a beautiful design. The color we chose was Lofallet Beige because I always wanted the look of a white couch but I was worried about the stains. The Lofallet Beige was the perfect color.

The EKTORP sectional slipcover quality is really great for the price. It arrived in three boxes and had three main pieces that connected at the corner. This sectional was very easy to put together. This is how the EKTORP sectional looked like without any slipcovers and cushions on.

The base slipcover goes over all three pieces, followed by five seat cushions and six back cushions. Each cushion has a zipper closure which makes it easy for insert and removal. There was no decorative pillows which came with this sectional.


This is where I made the choice to return this sectional. I LOVED the look of it, I LOVED the price of it, but for me, the comfort was not there. I’ve kept it for over a month hoping it would get more comfortable, but unfortunately nothing changed.

This is when I figured out what was driving that uncomfortness.

Have you ever paid attention to the seat depth of the sofas/sectionals? I didn’t, maybe because I usually go to the store to test out the couch/sectional and see how comfortable it is. This IKEA sectional was not available at my local store, so I ordered it based off looks and the main measurements, not considering the seat depth.

The sectional we have in our living room has a seat depth of approx. 29” compared to the IKEA sectional which is only 19 1/4″. The average couch seat depth is between 21″ to 24″. So you might be able to imagine how small the seat really is.

Sitting upright with your feet on the floor, it’s definitely not an issue, but if your like me who wants to pull both of your legs up and enjoy a movie cuddled up in a blanket, it just doesn’t work.

I know most of us when we are on our own couch / sofa we are definitely not sitting with both our feet on the floor in a conversational manner. We definitely like to have a more comfortable spot and that may include a leg tucked under you or whatever the case may be. If you try to nap on this, you will definitely have to remove a few of the back cushions to make it more comfortable.

The seating is pretty firm as well, the sectional we have in our living room is less firm, it’s the perfect level of comfort. We always receive so many compliments on how comfortable our sectional is.

Area Rug | Chunky Throw | Pillows

So do I regret returning this slipcovered sectional from IKEA?

Yes and No!

This sectional is perfect for smaller spaces. I loved the price of this sectional, I loved that you are able to remove the slipcovers and wash them! Those two things alone made me really question whether or not I should return it, but everytime I sat on it, it felt so uncomfortable. I was hoping to love this sectional because otherwise it was perfect.

I hope this honest review helped you decided on your EKTORP Sectional purchase.

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  1. Brittany says:

    What sectional did you end up going with after returning EKTORP?

  2. […] Why I Returned my IKEA EKTORP Sectional – The Pretty Little Home […]

  3. Michele says:

    We have the Ektorp sectional and two chairs. We have an ottoman positioned at the sectional so it can be used from any seat and another ottoman at one of the chairs. We LOVE all the Ektorp furniture and find it Very comfortable! We have a complete extra set of slipcovers for all the furniture and they wash beautifully. So happy we bought these.

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